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hey friend!

I live in Duluth, MN with my husband and our pup Milo. We have flipped houses for the past several years and have never lived in a house for more than a year and a half together! If you need any moving tips, I'm your gal! When we aren't working on house projects, we can usually be found hiking around the Northwoods, exploring new places, and brewery hopping. We're both pretty big craft beer enthusiasts and even went to 19 breweries on our honeymoon! Otherwise if I've got editing to do you can find me at my computer with a cup of coffee listening to an audiobook or blasting some rock music. 

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I'm a huge geek!
Harry potter, dr. who, game of thrones, you name it!

i have the eating habits of a toddler. My favorite foods include: 
Mac N Cheese, Pizza, and spaghetti

I love reading! I have a tendency to get a little too lost in my books and forget to do things like eat, sleep and shower 

I will probably cry at your wedding. I have no control over the happy tears, even if we just met!

I love craft beer! My go-to is a coffee pale ale or a fruity sour!

My favorite local picks: Earth Rider's Duluth Cofee Pale ale or any of Ursa Minor's Sours!

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